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Posted August 19th 2019

Get customising at edition! Welcome to the edition blog where we will post all things around t-shirt printing, personalisation, uniforms for your business and some general market news. 

For those who are new here, welcome and make sure to check back here for our next blog post. Today we're covering some of our services within edition and what we're all about! Edition started in Highpoint shopping centre in 2013 and since then we've been doing exclusive custom t-shirt prints on the spot throughout Melbourne. Edition launched online to expand our services throughout Australia so even our friends in Perth can get some quality t-shirt prints. We specialise in graphic design which is an awesome part of our business. It allows our customers to walk in our store, tell us what they need and watch it come to life in front of them. We then have a standard turn around time of an hour or two to print your t-shirts. Our store is located in Northland Shopping Centre which is great for wasting a good hour while your t-shirt prints. 

Customers visit us from all over Melbourne to see our Graphic Designers. We've built a good reputation over the past 6 years for good quality designs, on-time delivery, high-quality printing and friendly customer service. Our staff love what they do and love to hear the requests from our new customers and repeat.

Small Businesses within Melbourne are a huge part of our business. We love seeing them first hand starting with uniform for themselves and over the years they come back getting more and more units as their business expands. Our team remember our customers and this is apart of our spirit at edition. 

We offer vinyl printing which is our premium print for solid based colours (like what our customer is wearing to the left). This lasts the longest as the colour doesn't fade and if purchased at the right t-shirt printing spot (like edition) it stays on for years. There is a bad rep out there from lower-priced vinyl products being used and giving it a bad rep. Some customers ask about the durability thinking it will peel off. If it is a lower quality product, not applied correctly and not informed on washing care then this could be the case when ordering from another company. Always ask a team member if your not sure what type of print is best for you.

Our digital printer is AMAZING! When we first started we did the t-shirt printing paper transfers. It was good for a start-up business but when you expand you need to meet the professional needs of your clients and customers. So we decided to add our digital printer to our services 4 years ago and this was a great decision. Our digital printer is a top-end Brother machine which is used for all your photograph prints, multi-coloured prints and logos with gradients etc. The durability is on average 12 months with good washing and can be printed on white or dark garments.

Screen printing is a great service for customers looking at having 20/50+ units. Send an email to info@editiononline.com.au along with your design and chosen garment for your quote. Standard production time turnaround is two weeks. 

Stickers! We do stickers in store! The stickers we use is 3M and mostly for Cars. But even we use them for wall decals and stickers in general and they work well. We offer black, white and red in stickers and usually prints within the hour or two. 

If you just need a logo designed by our talented graphic designers that's something we can do for you. Our logo design is done in-store and the final design is shown to you for approval. We send you working files, jpegs, pdf and any files you may need for online such as Facebook and Instagram. 

The main supplier we use is AS Colour. If you haven't ever worn this brand and love blank apparel or good quality garments go check them out! We are also a listed printer that they recommend on their website. So we must be doing something right!

If you're in the area of Northland Shopping Centre, pop in and check us out or if you're at home on your computer thinking of designing a custom t-shirt, feel free to visit us on www.editiononline.com.au

We'll be back with another blog post soon.



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