Artwork Requirements

Artwork quality can seem a little complicated - but don't stress too much as our design team will always look over your artwork and flag any reccomendations with you if required. 

Creating artwork for print: set up your artboard to 35cm wide by 40cm high - this is the max print size to upload online. We also offer 40cm wide by 45cm high which can be requested via email. Images are best at 300 dpi with a transparent background and in RGB mode. Before saving your file crop your artboard to your artwork so when you upload it to our online designer you can resize accordingly.

Some quick tips on print placement and sizes:

Left Pocket // Chest Side is the most popular logo position. Depending on your garment size range SML-LRG 8-9cm wide or XLG-5XL 10-12cm wide. It also depends on the shape of your design. Circle logos we tend to print slightly smaller so it doesn't appear so large on your left chest. Feel free to print on the right hand chest too if preferred.

Largest print size for front and back: 35cm wide by 40cm (or request our oversize plate via email: along with artwork for 40cm wide by 45cm high).

If you have a set print size in mind make sure to leave this in the notes section of your order.

Files you can upload jpg, tif, eps, ai, pdf, psd, emb but a png is ideal. If you upload a vector file please outline your fonts before saving your file. Any file is suitable for Embroidery as it will be digitized into a Embroidery file. If you already have a Emboidery file, upload a EMB file and your set up fee is waived at checkout.

When uploading images from your phone or the internet avoid uploading screenshots (as these typically are low quality). 

If you can't get your files to upload or you're having any trouble using our online designer send us an email with the file and we'll check it over for you.

For Design requests please visit our showroom, give us a call or send us an email. Our in-house design team will help.

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