Social ResponsibIlity

We work closely with brands that practice ethical values in their supply chain that suit ours. 

At Edition Studio, we believe in the power of responsible business practices to make a positive impact. As an Australian small business, we take pride in offering quality custom t-shirt printing services while prioritising social and environmental responsibility.

We stock trusted brands like Gildan Brands Australia and AS Colour because they align with our values of sustainability and ethical production.

We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by actively reducing plastic waste in our operations. Through mindful practices and continuous improvement efforts, we strive to limit the impact of our business on the planet. From eco-friendly packaging materials, inks to exploring innovative recycling initiatives, we are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions at every step of our production process.

Moreover, we prioritise ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that the materials used in our products meet high standards of social and environmental responsibility. By supporting fair labor practices and prioritising suppliers who share our values, we contribute to a more equitable and sustainable global supply chain.

At Edition Studio, social responsibility isn't just a word – it's a fundamental part of who we are. We believe that by making conscious choices in our business operations, we can inspire positive change and create a brighter future for generations to come.

We are always looking for new responsbile, well made Australian made products to fit our range.

A statement from AS Colour:

"We are proud to share that we have ranked third highest in the Ethical Fashion Report 2022 among 581 other brands that were assessed.

We have been included in this report for the past 5 years, continually improving our work in the 5 key ethical and sustainable performance areas:

  • Policies & Governance
  • Tracing & Risk
  • Supplier Relationships & Human Rights
  • Worker Empowerment
  • Environment Sustainability

While we are incredibly proud of our positioning in the report, it will not deter our efforts to continually improve and strive to tackle the issues the fashion industry face." 

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A statement from Gildan Brands Australia:

"From sourcing sustainably grown cotton to using low-carbon energy, we keep a keen eye on every part of the lifecycle of our sustainable garments. Furthermore, sustainable fashion unlike fast fashion promotes the use of ethical and sustainable practices, such as recycling and upcycling old garments and fabrics."

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